Concerned with raising environmental awareness, not only in areas where it is present but in the whole of Brazil, Eucatex has sponsored the documentary Laje dos Sonhos, to be previewed on May 10th at the Cine Roxy in Santos, and on the 15th at the Museu da Imagem e do Som (MIS) in São Paulo.

With the objective of publicizing in Brazil and abroad the only park for marine preservation in the State of São Paulo, the 52 minute film shows the interaction between man and the Parque Estadual Marinho da Laje de Santos, located approximately 40 kilometers from the city. For the first time as the themes of a documentary, the Laje de Santos, despite being a conservation area still suffers from destructive actions, such as fishing and  spearfishing, both of which are prohibited at the location.

“For Eucatex, it is fundamental to participate in projects that value the environment and incentivize preservation. Actions such as this should be publicized so as to serve as inspiration for the creation of others, as well as alerting the population against a common problem at various locations, the destruction of reserves and parks", reiterates Regina Ricci, Corporate Marketing Manager at Eucatex.

Raquel Pellegrini, director of the documentary, recounts that the idea is to portray the relationship of man with the space, as well as discussing the history of the location. "One of the main characters is the diver Clóvis Benno de Carvalho, a pioneering in operating dives at the Laje. Our objective is not to judge but to tell interesting stories. The critical analysis will remain with the viewer”.

Produced by the Instituto Laje Viva, a nongovernmental organization created to develop and support actions that preserve and protect the marine park, the film was approved by the Cultural Program of the Department of Culture of the State of São Paulo (PROAC).

About the Park
The Parque Estadual Marinho da Laje de Santos (PEMLS) was created on September 27th 1993 and is located 16.8 nautical miles from the Farol da Moela or approximately 40 kilometers from Santos. Inside the park, which occupies an area of five thousand hectares, there are various rock formations, reefs and the Laje de Santos, a 550 meter long rocky structure, 185 meters wide and 33 meters high. The PEMLS covers various species in extinction, such as hawksbill turtles, green turtles, jewfish and groupers.  The Laje is considered by many divers as one of the best diving points in the country.