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Perfect fit and finish in installations where speed and accuracy are required.

The kit door has a base for painting (primer), which facilitates the application of the paint, saving material and guaranteeing the quality of the final product. Suitable for indoor residential and commercial environments.


  • Ready for installation;
  • Practical and quick installation;
  • Sturdy and durable system;
  • 1-year warranty.

Eucaprimer door differentials

  • Frame with studs and panel holding tracks;
  • Lock reinforcement at half height on both sides;
  • ABNT PIM Certification* (Internal Wood Door).
    * For doors up to 820 mm wide


Door width x height (mm) Kit width x Height (mm)
620 X 2.100 670 X 2.170
720 X 2.100 770 X 2.170
820 X 2.100 870 X 2.170
920 X 2.100 970 X 2.170

Structure of the Eucaprimer Door


1. HDF or hardboard covers with paint
2. Empty center
3. Solid wood frame
4. Reinforcement on both sides for lock
  • The adjustment trim of the door on the door frame should not exceed 5 mm on each stud and 5 mm on each panel;
  • Eucadoor doors should only be installed indoors and should not be exposed to water;
  • In places subject to humidity, the door must be waterproofed.

Installation Options and Measurement of the Space:



  • Cleaning of Eucadoor doors should be done with a soft, dry cloth or one moderately moistened in clean water;
  • In case of difficult to remove dirt, use a cloth with a solution of water and neutral soap;
  • Do not use abrasive products, such as steel wool.


  • Eucadoor doors are supplied in individual packaging, on pallets containing 10 pieces;
  • Doors should be stored in their original packaging in a dry, ventilated environment, protected from the sun and rain. They should remain horizontal, on a flat and level platform.
  • For painting the Eucaprimer door (semi-finished door), use 180/220 sand paper lightly until the gloss is removed;
  • Remove the powder with a clean, dry white cloth;
  • Paint the door with solvent or water based enamel or water based epoxy, respecting the drying time and dilution, according to the manufacturer's instructions;
  • It is recommended to apply Eucatex sealants and paints;
  • IMPORTANT: Eucadoor doors should only be painted with a brush, spray or curtain coat. Industrial roller painting is not recommended.