• Eucaplac

The colors and patterns on this site are only for reference, there may be divergence between the colors on the screen and the real colors of products. Availability on request.

V.U based coated doors,  they do not require any further finishing.

Practical, the doors of the Eucaplac line come ready for installation. Their U.V.-based paint  with ultraviolet drying does not need any  type of finishing and  it is supplied with faces in solid colors or wood grains.


  • Caso en HDF, pintado en colores lisos o patrones madeirados;
  • Mecanizado para bloquear y bisagras (bajo petición);
  • Cinta Edge (opcional);
  • PIM ABNT certificación (Puerta de madera interior) y PEM (Puerta de madera).


Thickness (mm) Heights (mm) Widths (mm)
35 2,100 600 / 620
700 / 720
800 / 820
900 / 920

Structure of Eucadoor Doors

1. HDF door skins
2. Core in a cellular structure with a hexagonal format
Low density Solid core (upon inquiry)
4. Solid wood stiles and rail
5. Solid wood lock blocks
  • The Eucatex doors are installed with conventional locks and hinges in wooden, steel or aluminum frames;
  • The trimming  adjustment of the door at the frame must not exceed 5 mm in each rail and 5 mm in each stile;
  • The same quantity should be trimmed on each side;
  • In places subject to moisture the door should be have a  waterproofing protection, so that it is not exposed to the action of the water.


  •  Eucatex doors should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth or one which is slightly moistened in clean water;
  • In cases of stubborn  dirt ,  use a cloth with a solution of water and neutral soap;
  • Do not use abrasive products such as steel wool.

Packaging and Storage

 Eucatex doors are  individually shrink-wrapped  and stacked  on pallets of 35 pieces. Inquire about orders with special widths and heights.

Doors  must be stored in their original packaging, in a dry and ventilated place, protected from the action of the sun and rain. They should remain in a horizontal position, on a flat and level platform.

NBR 8051

- Check of the resistance of the leaf to impacts.

NBR 8053

- Check of the deformation of the leaf submitted to loading.

NBR 8054

- Check of the behavior of the leaf submitted to abnormal maneuvers.

NBR 10024

- Eucalyptus hardboard