The Ethics Channel is another step by the company in improving its Corporate Governance program. This tool, adopted by other large open capital companies, has the objective of ensuring the transparency of the Eucatex Group.

Through the company Contato Seguro, you can now inform any conduct contrary to Eucatex’s ethical principles.

It’s simple, secure and anonymous.

How to use the Ethics Channel:

Access the site, click the option “Leave your comment here” and fill in the fields.

Situations that can be reported to the Ethics Channel:

Any attitude contrary to that in the Eucatex Group Code of Ethics and Conduct may be reported through the Ethics Channel. These include actions such as waste of resources, corruption, fraud, theft, publication of secret information, bribery, tax evasion, overpricing etc.

Why you should report unethical actions:

The main motive is to help build an ethical working environment that is more transparent and honest. With the Ethics Channel you will have an important role in making the company an increasingly better place to work.

What you need in order to make a report:

It is not necessary to have proof, only information that could help. All reports will be investigated and you can monitor what is being done through a registration number. Measures will only be taken when the actions are proven.

How to be sure you won’t be identified:

The outsourced company Contato Seguro was hired especially for this Ethics Channel. Its professionals are specialized and offer every type of security to collaborators when entering in contact via 0800 or through the site. Computer IPs will never be traced, nor telephone numbers.