Eucatex time line

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  • 1951-1965
    • Serraria Americana, the basis of everything.
    • 1951
    • 1966
    • 1968

    Eucatex was established on November 23, 1951, the first Brazilian company to think about environment and acoustic comfort and use the eucalyptus as raw material to produce ceiling tiles and panels. The embryo of Eucatex was Americana Sawmill Americana, established in 1923, in São Paulo, Brazil.

    The first mill , today known as Fiberboard Industrial Unit , was inaugurated in Salto (SP), in 1954. There, Eucatex started its activities producing softboards. Shortly afterwards it started manufacturing ceiling tiles and panels.

    Between 1956 and 1965, the company installed its first representative offices in several Brazilian capitals and in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

    The production capacity was increased to 100 tons/day. In 1965 it began exporting ceiling tiles and panels to export to Europe.

  • 1966-1989
    • Detail of assembly in the first manufacturing unit in Salto / SP
    • 1971
    • 1977
    • 1982

    From the end of the 60’s to 1980, Eucatex started up a new hard board mill , in Salto, and a Metal industrial Unit , in Barueri (SP). Increasing its plans for expansion, it opened representatives offices in Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom , the USA and Mexico.

    It was also in this period that the company started to produce paints, initially only to coat its own acoustic ceiling tiles and panels, and invested in land and reforestation to ensure self-sufficiency in the supply of raw material.

    Eucatex closed the 80’s exporting its products to more than 50 countries and with production areas split into 4 categories: Forestry, Wood, Metallic and Mineral.

  • 1990-Today
    • Feicon 2011

    With the inauguration of another factory in Salto, in 1994, Eucatex started to develop in its laboratories a complete line of paints and varnishes. It was also inside São Paulo State, in Botucatu, that it started, in 1996, to manufacture MDP panels. It was also in 1996 that the Eucatex products gained the internationally acknowledged FSC® (License Code FSC-C019524)* also became the very first Brazilian company of its sector to receive the certification ISO 9001.

    In 2010, a new T-HDF/MDF line, installed in the industrial facility in Salto, has begun producing panels of high technology and mechanical resistance to manufacture doors and partition panels and other products for the furniture segment.

    In 2011, Eucatex celebrated its 60th anniversary, being a market leader and a major manufacturer laminate floors, wall partitions, doors, MDP and MDF panels, hardboards and paints and varnishes in Brazil. With 2,201 employees, it currently exports to 37 countries and owns four modern factories in Botucatu and Salto.

    * FSC products under request.