HPP Eucatex

The exclusive substratum of Eucatex

The Eucafloor floors have the quality of the exclusive HPP, a medium density plank developed by Eucatex from eucalyptus particles.

Its smooth and compact layer is ideal for receiving the top finishing the Eucafloor laminate flooring.

The continuous process of high temperature and pressure used in its manufacturing was developed especially for the hot and humid climate of Brazil, providing great resistance and durability to the laminate flooring. These measures mean that the materials strictly comply with all the international standards of quality for the products of this category.

The HPP is produced with Wood coming from forests certified by FSC® and other controlled sources.

The laminate flooring is produced with four different layers with specific functions:

Several tests have already been executed to prove the quality and performance of the Eucafloor laminate flooring. Check out some results:

Standard Feature Standard Value Eucatex Result
NBR 14833-1
Dimensional variance after changes in the relative air humidity. Length and width (mean): < 0.90% Length and width (mean): > 0.90%
NBR 14833-1
Resistance to the impact with steel ball. Mass: 324 grams and Diameter: 42.8 millimeters 1,600 millimeters 1,600 millimeters
NBR 14833-1*
Swelling Maximum: 20% Maximum: 7.5%
LD 3.5
Resistance to stains. Maximum: 20 points Maximum: 15 points
*Report of IPT – Technological Research Institute of São Paulo State.
ABNT: Brazilian Association of Technical Standards.
NEMA: National Electrical Manufacturers Association (USA).