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With differentiated design and features, the Tecno Line allows  for an excellent finishing, enhancing rooms and  even more.

Covered with high pressure decorative laminate, the accessories of the Tecno Line stand out for their high resistance to  moisture, therefore being excellent for use in interiors  in which there is a transition between the laminate flooring and the moisture  areas.


Available in all the patterns of the Eucafloor laminated flooring, the Tecno Line offers a uniform finishing as well as other advantages:
  • A light product, easy to  transport, handle, apply and stock;
  • Highly resistant to water;
  • Highly resistant to the action of fungi, bacteria and insects;
  • Waterproofing  to gases and liquids;
  • Durable;
  • It does not spread flames, self-extinguishing:
  • Resistant to most chemical reagents;
  • Solid and resistant to impacts and blows;
  • Recyclable;
  • Ecologically correct, as it is manufactured with low power consumption.

Tecno Reducer Trim

It allows the joining  in the transition to other types of floor with different levels of installation (ceramic floors, textile carpet, etc.).

Tecno "T" shaped Trim

Its use is mandatory in passages of flooring of the same level. It must be installed every 10 meters, to allow for the floor to dilate.

Perfil Piso Parede Tecno

Opção de acabamento entre o piso e parede. Substutui o rodapé nos lugares onde sua utilização não é possível (portas de correr, armários embutidos, soleiras etc.).

Frontal de Escada Tecno

Opção de acabamento em degraus de escada ou em patamares que dividem ambientes.

Tecno Base  Trim

Its exclusive format allows the fitting and locking of the Reducer and "T" profiles  of the Tecno line.

Hand tools

To execute the cuts required in the trims of the Tecno Line, use a manual miter saw (toll number 3, page 4 of the Installation Manual of the Eucafloor Laminate Flooring) or a fixed saw frame (tool number 21, page 4 of the same manual), removing the burrs with a crocus cloth.

Fastening the accessory bases

Fasten the Tecno Base Profile to the subfl0oor with sleeve S5 and countersunk head (flat) screw), every 10 cm, on both sides, having to alternate this spacing.

Installation of the finishings

Tecno Line "T" Trim and Reduced Trim

After the suitable fastening of the Tecno Base Trim (described in item 3), proceed as follows:
  • Cut the accessory to the suitable measure;
  • Place the accessory in the Tecno Base Trim and press until the part fits perfectly (as in the photo below);

  • To protect the floor, it is mandatory to apply a seal with silicone to the edge of the planks in contact with areas subject to humidity, as kitchens, bathrooms, saunas etc.

Download the Installation Manual now  


To clean and preserve the accessories of the Tecno Line, use the same products and procedures indicated in the Installation Manual of the Eucafloor Laminate Flooring.

Dimensions and features of the Tecno Line

Tecno "T" Trim
Width 34 mm
Length 1.000 mm
Quantity per packaging 5 bars Tecno "T" Trim
+ 5 bars Tecno Base Trim
Tecno Reducer Trim
Width 45.5 mm
Length 1,000 mm
Quantity per packaging 5 bars Tecno Reducer Trim
+ 5 bars Tecno Baseboard