Made of polystyrene. Made from 100% recyclable material. Resistant to water and termite attacks.

They can be combined with various types of coatings on the market, such as ceramic flooring, laminate, vinyl, porcelain, and textile carpet, and can also be used as door trim.

Baseboards with frieze

rodape ACQUA com friso

Baseboards without frieze


Color: White

Thickness: 15mm

Length: 1.800mm

*150-mm baseboard with frieze: also available in black with PET film.

  • Make a template by cutting a 5-cm piece of the baseboard to be mounted. Make a hole passing from side to side inside the channels for fitting the bushing.
  • Position the template exactly where the baseboard will the installed. With a pencil or sharp object, make a mark every 50 cm, interposing the channel where the hole in the wall should be made. Use a 6-mm drill bit.
  • Place the "T" bushing in the hole using a hammer, and then introduce the bolt into the bushing. This guarantees opening and greater firmness with the wall.
Note1: it is recommended to use a "T" bushing at the joint between the bars to align them. This way, the two bars are supported on the same bushing.
  • Set the back part of the baseboard (channel) on the bushing and press only with your hands.

Note2: it is recommended to have bushings interspersed in the channels every 50 cm. If the surface is very irregular, use more bushings with smaller spacing.

Eucatex bears no responsibility for the quality of the wall.

Note3: in places where the wall cannot be drilled (hydraulic wall), the "T" bushings can be replaced by pieces of two-sided tape every 50 cm.
  • For better finishing between the wall and the baseboard and joints, it is recommended to apply PVA Putty. If the installation of the baseboard is done in a place that is exposed to an abundance of water, it is recommended to apply Acrylic Paste. Excess must be cleaned with a damp cloth before drying
  • It is recommended that painting, if needed, be done after the installation.