The colors and patterns on this site are only for reference, there may be divergence between the colors on the screen and the real colors of products. Availability on request.

Baseboard and Baseboard Trim

Flexible Baseboard Trim

Flexible Baseboard (60 mm)

All the versatility which your projects deserve. It allows perfect finishing in curved rooms, columns and clopping surfaces.


Products made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (E.V.A.)


Painting with water-based acrylic paint. Important: the w0od grained patterns and tones may vary slightly  from each production..

Main advantages

  • Accompany the irregularities of the walls, columns and sloping and curved surfaces;
  • Dispense with nails or screws;
  • Excellent finishing;
  • Quick installation, without dirt or noise;
  • Free of problems, as mould and termites.
  • The baseboard and baseboard trim can receive acrylic or PVA paint afterwards.


Use only a damp cloth with the same products recommended for cleaning the Eucafloor Laminate Flooring. Abrasive products must not be used.
  • Check that there are no imperfections on the walls (nails, excess plaster, texture, peeling paint, etc.). If there are, execute the due corrections.  
  • Clean the wall where the Flexible Baseboard or Flexible Baseboard Trim will be installed.
  • Trace on the wall, with a pencil (1), the height of the baseboard / baseboard trim which will be installed. This  operation avoids applying the contact glue outside the gluing area.
  • Measure the walls and execute the cutting required.
  • With the aid of a brush (2 and 3), apply the contact glue on both the parts to be glued (back of the baseboard, back of the cutouts and walls). Wait for contact glue drying time (tack time – evaporation of the solvent) indicated by the manufacturer.
  • After the contact glue drying time, apply the  Eucafloor Flexible Baseboard or Eucafloor Flexible Baseboard Trim pressing it lightly with your hands. Then, with the aid of a rubber hammer (4), finish the fastening of the Eucafloor Flexible Baseboard / Eucafloor Flexible baseboard Trim to the walls.
Note: For the CUT to have a perfect finishing (5), the saw needs to be "sharpened", removing the original teeth and transforming it into a "knife blade"(6).