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The solution which allows for the installation of the Eucafloor Laminate flooring on walls

Eucafix is a system especially developed by Eucatex which allows for the fastening of the Eucafloor laminate flooring on walls, enabling the execution of details of decoration and personalization of interiors.

The Eucafix metal clip, with an exclusive and patented design is produced with a  0.65 mm thick steel catch plate. It is fastened using 12 x 12 nails with a head on wooden laths.

The laths must be prepared, of good quality softwood and have 50 x 25 mm (width and thickness), and be fastened to the wall using screws and sleeves S8.

The Eucafix metal clip has been especially developed to execute a perfect finishing of the sides and tops.

Remember: the Eucafix has been engineered  to allow that only details of decoration be executed using the Eucafloor planks.. So, we do not recommend its installation as an option of wall paneling  for building in general. To install the Eucafix system, basically  use the same tools required as those used in installing the Eucafloor. Laminate flooring. For further details, see the Instructions Manual or contact our Technical Department by calling 0800 17 21 00.

Wall Analysis

The quality of the wall is very important for the result of the installation. This is why it must be moisture free, with a firm base regarding the plumb line and the square.

Modulations or alignment of the Eucafloor planks.

Before starting to install the Eucafix system, choose a type of modulation (vertical/horizontal), measure the place and calculate how many boards and laths will be arranged in each row.


The cutouts for switches and sockets must be executed in accordance with the measure presented (type/model). First make 4 holes in the ends of the part to be removed, using a manual electric drill. Then with the aid of a manual electric fret saw, cut the board joining the four holes to obtain the cutout.

Start of installing the  wooden laths on the wall

Mount a square of rectangle with the laths, taking into consideration the plumb line and the square, delimiting the installation area (height/width). Fix the Eucafix clips to the laths which are fastened parallel to the floor. Respecting the modulation chosen, always use a lath to fasten the start, middle and end of the boards. Eucafix Clips should be fixed  on to all the laths for fitting the planks. 3 Eucafix clips are required for each plank.

Start of installing the Eucafloor on the wall

Fit the Eucafloor planks, with the tongue side facing the floor and the grooved side facing the ceiling. In this first row, the "teeth" of the Eucafix will be facing the ceiling to lock the system and in the remainder they will be facing the floor. The installation can be started with a whole plank. The second plank can be cut with the dimension of the space between the laths fastened at the end of the first plank and at the end of the dimension of the space of the installation. Always keep the cutouts, as they will be used during the installation of the other rows.

The Eucafix clips will always be used to fasten the plank at its start, middle and end. If there is continuity of the installation, the Eucafix clips divides the fastening of two planks.

If a modulated installation of the Eucafloor is required, the 2nd row must be started with a plank with the dimension necessary to fill the space between the 1st and 2nd laths. Use the Eucafix  clip again at the ends, middle and junctions of the planks. At each row of Eucafloor plank installed, use a piece of the floor itself or a wooden wedge to adjust them, in the horizontal and vertical directions, to maintain a perfect square.

Proceed in this manner until the end of the installation or height desired, always remembering to alternate the measures for the end result to be esthetically modulated.

In the last row of installing planks, the Eucafix clip will not be used, as the finishing and locking of the  system must be executed by the Eucafix clip. In the installations where the sides and tops are visible, the Eucafix clip being a perfect finishing, helps to hide possible imperfections in the cutouts. The   Eucafix Clip is fastened to the lath using nails 10x10 without a head.


3 Eucafix clips  are required for each Eucafloor planlk and 15  pieces of clip per m² of installation.