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The acoustic insulation  underlayment of  Eucatex.

The Eucasoft Premium mantle is a noise reducer which grants the Eucafloor laminate flooring greater acoustic insulation, providing a reduction of approximately 35% in the noise in the room itself and of about 60% between floors.

3 mm thick, the product is a flexible polyethylene mantle of closed cells for use in building between the concrete slab and subfloor, and it is frequently used in installing the Eucafloor laminate flooring of Eucatex.

The Eucasoft Premium can be installed in residential and commercial areas (except for wet areas).

Moreover, the product is in accordance with the new Brazilian standard of performance of buildings (ABNT NBR 15575-3 – 1st issue 05/12/2008), which refers to the performance of floors, defines the criteria for evaluating the insulation of noise and recommends that builders and dwellers of new buildings reduce as much as possible the sounds and noise resulting from impacts between apartments.
  • 70 cm x 30 m x 3 mm
  • Packaging: roll  containing 21 m2

Eucasoft Premium Mantle
The noise reducer of Eucatex.

How and where to install the Eucasoft Premium Mantle

After the due corrections of the underlayment  on which it will be installed, apply the Eucasoft Premium underneath planks to obtain greater acoustic insulation. The Eucasoft Premium Mantle  is ideal for applying on concrete, ceramic or stone subfloors and synthetic floors.

Installation of the Eucasoft Premium Mantle

The rolls of the Eucasoft Premium Mantle must always be installed in  the opposite direction of placing the Eucafloor planks directly on the subfloor (photos 1 and 2).

The Eucasoft Premium  mantle must be installed even with the walls and side-by-side, without leaving empty spaces (photos 3 and 4).

In installing the Eucasoft Premium, the material should preferable be used without seams (photo 4).

In installing the Eucasoft Premium mantle, it is fastened (cut) even with the bases of the accessories (photos 5 and 6).

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