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E-Colors System

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E-Colors places the entire Eucatex technology at the service of your good taste.

This paint mixing system, installed in some of the best points of sale in Brazil, automatically prepares more than 2 thousand color options, as well as many others that you can create yourself.

With E-Colors you have a complete guarantee of accuracy and reproducibility, meaning that you can buy the same tone in different stores, in any amount, whenever you need.

Eucatex products used in the E-Colors System


The perception of a color is influence by some factors, such as the texture and dimension of the surface, type and intensity of light in the area, the number of coats applied, shine and product.

The final tone of the color is only reached after drying and total coverage of the paint.

For some colors based on organic pigments (yellow, red and magenta) we recommend the prior application of white paint and/or a higher number of coats.

The colors on the chart are for reference, and may convey different color sensation in accordance with their handling, shine, texture and exposure to light, or even the size of the area where they are applied.

Paint with shine reflects more light, so the colors appear more vivid.