• Eucatex Water-Based Premium Acrylic Resin

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Its application colors and protects the tiles, also offering excellent thermal comfort to the environment.

Eucatex Water-Based Premium Acrylic Resin is recommended for application on tiles, exposed bricks, and natural stones. Its water-based formula features low odor and quick drying. It provides high durability, resistance, and water repellency. When applied on tiles, the product colors and protects them, offering excellent thermal comfort to the environment.
It can be applied to outdoor and indoor areas, it´s easy to clean, it provides high sheen, and it minimized the appearance of mold and mildew.


Resin based on an aqueous dispersion of acrylic styrene copolymer, pigments free of heavy metals, glycols, and surfactants. This product is classified according to ABNT NBR Standard 11702 as type 4.8.5. Este produto está classificado conforme a Norma ABNT NBR 11702 tipo 4.8.5.
  with water m2/coat  
Tiles, bricks,
natural stones and
exposed concrete.
Colorless is ready for use. For colors dilute with 10% water on all the layers. For application with gun, dilute up to 30%, pressure between 2.2 and 2.8Kgf/cm² or 30 to 35lbs/pol² 175 to 225
35 to 45
8 to 11
Can (18L)
Gallon (3.6L)
1/4 (0.900ml)
2 to 3 coats with interval of 6 hours. To the touch: 1 hour
Between layers: 6 hours
Final: 24 hours
Friction cleaning: 120 hours
Wool roller Paintbrush Flat paintbrush

According to ABNT NBR Standard 13245:

  • The surface must be firm, cohesive, clean, dry, free of dust, greasy materials, and mold;
  • Surfaces with loose parts: must be scraped or brushed until complete removal;
  • Moldy surfaces: wash with solution of water and bleach in the proportion 1:1, rinse and wait until dry (possible causes of mold generation should be corrected);
  • Surfaces with greasy stains: must be treated with solution of water and neutral detergent. After treatment, rinse well, wait until dry, and apply the product;
  • Exposed concrete: Wait at least 30 days for concrete to set, then proceed with the application;
  • Repainting in good condition: should be sanded until total loss of the sheen, followed by cleaning with a damp cloth, wait until dry.