• Eucatex Gran Fino Acrylic Texture

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Ideal for coating internal and external masonry.

Eucatex Gran Fino Acrylic Texture is easy to apply and can be used by paint professionals and consumers, following the techniques recommended by the manufacturer.

Indicated for texturizing external and internal surfaces of plaster, concrete blocks, fiber cement, race or acrylic. In its formulations contain quartz, allowing the obtaining of diverse decorative effects and high resistance. We recommend the painting of textures in external areas with Eucatex Premium Frosted Acrylic.



The product is developed from resin with a base of aqueous dispersion of acrylic styrene copolymer, pigments free of heavy metals, inert mineral loads, glycols, tensoactives, and microbicide agent additives.
It is classified according to  standard NBR 11.702 of the ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) Type 4.6.2.
  with water m2/coat  
Plaster, concrete,
spackle, fiber cement, acrylic paste and cement blocks
Ready for use
(if necessary, dilute with up to 5% of water)

until 10

Can (14 liters)
One coat Drying Period:To touch: 4 hours
Final: 18 hours
Total cure: 7 days
Steel straightener Plastic straightener

As per standard ABNT NBR 13.245

The good performance of the product basically depends upon preparing the surface, besides factors as dilution, homogenization, application, temperature, drying time, etc. The surface must be firm, cohesive, clean, dry, without dust, fat or mould. Check out the different types of surface and the appropriate manner of preparing them:
Surface Type Treatment
SURFACES WITH RELEASED OR CAUSED PARTS They should be scraped or brushed until complete removal and then apply Eucatex Fundo Prep. Wallpapers.
MOLDED SURFACES Wash with Eucatex Zero Mofo as indicated and wait for drying.
SURFACES WITH FATTY STAINS Rinse with water and neutral detergent solution, rinse and allow to dry.
NEW REBOCO You should wait for a cure for at least 30 days. Apply Eucatex Premium Acrylic Sealer, if necessary, level the surface applying Eucatex Acrylic Mass (external areas) or Eucatex Mass Corridor (internal areas).
FROZEN SLOW (LOW COHESION) Apply Eucatex Premium Wall Preparation Primer as recommended by the packaging and if necessary level the surface by applying Eucatex Acrylic Mass (external areas) or Eucatex Mass Corridor (internal areas).