• Eucatex Ultratex Varnish

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Protection, beauty and durability for the surfaces

The exclusive composition of the Eucatex Ultratex Varnish grants versatility in the most diverse situations, providing protection, beauty and durability to the surfaces.

Easy to apply, it offers high yield, quick drying and good spreading. It has exceptional transparency, which emphasizes the veins and natural aspect of the wood. Its triple function embellishes and dyes the woods, impermeabilizes and gives finishing to plaster, fiber cement and exposed brick surfaces, besides providing greater cohesion of the substrate when used with Wall Preparing Undercoat. It also has 5 years of excellent durability.

Gloss finishing


Modified phenolic resin, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, inorganic pigment with a base of transparent iron oxide and organometallic dryers. It does not contain benzene and heavy metals.
This product is classified according to  standard NBR 11.702 of the ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) Type
  with Eucatex Turpentine m2/coat  

New Woods/ Masonry/Exposed Brick

1:1 First coat
15% Others

10 to 12
40 to 50

¼ of Gallon (900 ml)
Gallon (3.6 liters)


Two to three coats with an
interval of 12 hours

Drying Period: To touch: 4 to 6 hours
Final: 24 hours

Foam roller Paintbrush *Spray gun

*For the Spray gun, use pressure between 2.2 and 2.8 kgf/cm² or 30 to 35 lbs/io.²

According to ABNT NBR 13.245.

  • The practical yield can vary due to the method of application, geometry of the structure, rugosity and absorption of the surface, thickness of the product layer deposited, atmospheric conditions and application technique;
  • Removers can cause problems of drying and finishing for the coatings applied after the removal. If you use removers, clean the wood effectively, in order to minimize the occurrence of these problems;
  • In cases of resinous woods, bathe them successively with Eucatex Thinner until the complete decontamination of the wood;
  • For a perfect finishing on new woods in dry areas, use as an undercoat Eucatex Sealer for Wood. In external areas apply the product itself diluted 1:1 with Eucatex Turpentine;
  • In the case of using it as an impermeabilizer on masonry, the cause of the problem of humidity must be eliminated before applying the Eucatex Ultratex.