• Eucatex Concentrated Sealer

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With differentiated finishing, it is perfect for uniformizing and sealing surfaces

The Eucatex Concentrated Sealer for wood has an excellent filling power, forming a flexible, transparent film. Easy to apply, it offers a silky and waxed finishing. Its concentrated formula provides greater yield, increasing even further the performance of the varnishes of the Eucatex line. It is indicated for sealing and uniformizing new wood surfaces in general, such as doors, windows, furniture, cabinets, and particleboards, MDF and plywood in internal rooms.


With anitrocellulose basis, synthetic resins, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols and acetates.  It does not contain benzene and heavy metals.
This product is classified according to  standard NBR 11.702 of the ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) Type

  with Eucatex Thinner m2/coat  
Wood From 30% to 100%
in all the coats
7.5 to 10
30 to 40
150 to 200

¼ of Gallon (900 ml)
Gallon (3.6 liters)
Can (18 liters)


One to two  coats with an
interval of 1 hour

Drying Period:To touch: 15 minutes
Final: 2 hours


Foam roller


*Spray gun

*For the Spray gun, use  pressure between  2.2 and 2.8 kgf/cm² or 30 to 35 lbs/in.2
  • For the dilution, it is of paramount importance to use Thinner for Nitrocellulose Lacquer;
  • The product can be used as finishing, obtaining a waxed aspect. To do this, only note the dilution of the second coat which should be done at most  with 10% of Thinner for  Nitrocellulose Lacquer;
  • Contact with humidity may highlight the bleaching of the surface due to the feature of a  product with a nitrocellulose base;
  • Removers and resins can cause problems of drying and finishing in the coatings applied after the removal. If you use removers, clean the wood effectively to minimize the  occurrence of these problems;
  • Contaminations on the surface can alter the drying of the product. In these cases, we suggest bathing them successively with Eucatex Thinner until the complete decontamination of the wood;
  • The practical yield can vary due to the method of application, geometry of the structure, rugosity and absorption of the surface, thickness of the product layer deposited, atmospheric conditions and application technique.

According to ABNT NBR 13.245.

  • Preparation: the surface must be firm, cohesive, clean, dry, without dust, fatty materials, and mould.
  • Surfaces with gloss: they should be sanded until the complete removal of the previous finishing before starting to apply the sealer.
  • Surfaces with fatty stains: they should be washed with a solution of water and neutral detergent. Then, rinse them well, wait for them to dry and apply the product.
  • New woods not dry: they must receive successive applications of Thinner until the complete elimination of the natural resin of the wood, which can damage the paint.
  • New dry woods: sand the surface to eliminate splinters, remove the residue and clean with Eucatex Thinner. After the drying, sand again and eliminate the dust.
  • Repainting: remove loose parts, sand to remove the gloss and make a new application.