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With good resistance to inclement weather, it is ideal for wood and metal surfaces

Peg & Pinte Enamel is a low cost and high quality product recommended for application on outside and inside surfaces of woods and metals, available in high sheen and satiny finishes. It is easy to apply and offers good resistance to inclement weather and it spreads well.

High sheen


Semi-drying vegetable oil based alkyd resin, organic and inorganic pigments, aliphatic hydrocarbons, organometallic drying agents. Does not contain benzene.
This product is classified in accordance with standard NBR 11.702 from the ABNT - Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) Type

  with turpentine m2/coat  
Woods / Metals First coat: 15%
Others: 10%
40 to 50
10 to 12
Gallon (3.6 liters)
1/4 gallon
(0.9 liters)

Two to three with a 12
hour interval
Dilute with 30% turpentine,
pressure from 2.2 to 2.8 kgf/cm2
or 30 to 35 lbs/in2
To the touch: 4 to 5 h.
Final: 24 hours

Foam roller Finishing Brush Paint Brush Spray Gun


According to ABNT NBR 13.245.

  • To obtain a fine finish and ensure excellent adherence, it is important to sand before beginning painting and between coats, observing the correct time interval between each one;
  • For dilution, always use Eucatex Turpentine (Aguarrás) to maintain product characteristics. Never use Thinner, gasoline, benzene or other solvents;
  • Before beginning painting, it is necessary to adequately mix the product with the aid of an appropriate rectangular tool;
  • After using any paint remover, observe if the surface is free of residues of the remover used before applying Peg & Pinte Enamel. This removal should be performed with a cloth moistened with Eucatex Thinner.