Guarantee of high productivity and profitability

Installed in an area of 10 hectares , in Bofete, inside São Paulo State, Eucatex has performed in the activity of producing seedlings since the 70’s, always investing in genetically improving the species, devoting itself  exclusively to producing cloned eucalyptus seedlings.

The Eucatex eucalyptus seedlings are produced through vegetative propagation, ensuring greater survival in the plantation.

The Eucatex clones come from pure or hybrid matrices which underwent strict phenotypic and genotypic selections and were approved in cloning tests.

Eucatex also produces cloned seedlings through the supply of matrices and seedlings of improved seeds.


  • Quality reference of eucalyptus seedlings
  • Highly productive seedlings
  • Competitive price
  • Respect for terms established
  • Greater survival in field
  • Optimized use of areas


  • Eucalyptus grandis
  • Eucalyptus saligna
  • Eucalyptus urophylla
  • Eucalyptus urophylla variety plathyphylla
  • Eucalyptus grandis x Eucalyptus urophylla

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Planting process

See the flow of eucalyptus forests planted by Eucatex.