Always attentive to the actions which can contribute to environmental conservation and mainly of the forests, Eucatex invests in the reuse of wood residue, reducing pollution in the environment. The Eucatex Recycling Program uses wood residue to generate energy and has the following objectives:

Types of material for recycling

Pallets (new, old, whole, broken or with nails in them), pieces of wood (as reels), building rubble and parts. Further information can be obtained by calling 0800 77 01 909.

Advantages offered to partners

Check out the Eucatex Recycling Program step-by-step

The Eucatex Recycling Program aims to avoid that tons of wood residue are deposited on landfills, as well as to preserve 1 million trees per year in its reforestation areas and save 15 million liters of water. All this in a simple and functional manner, respecting nature.

Confira o passo a passo do Programa de Reciclagem Eucatex
  1. Eucatex studies the economic and technical feasibility together with the vendor. It evaluates the quality, the volume of the residue and the localization of the vendor.
  2. The residue can be collected in buckets or received at Eucatex, in Salto (SP), where it will be collected and transported for processing (A).
  3. At the Recycling Center (B), there is the crushing process (C), the removal of nonferrous materials and metals (D), cleaning and separation (E).
  4. The resulting chips are stored (F) and used to generate energy (G) or as part of the production process (H).
  5. All the residue processed is quantified and Eucatex issues the letters of consent, certifying that the material received was correctly forwarded.