With the goal of being closer to the environment where is installed, Eucatex develops several actions to disseminate concepts about preservation of the environment and the importance of responsible management of planted forests, in addition to promoting growth and social integration in the communities and regions where Eucatex is inserted.

Check out the social projects developed by Eucatex:

Environmental Education Program (PEA)

Eucatex developed its Environmental Education Program, called the House of Nature, 19 years ago.  Since its inception, more than 27,000 visitors have already been received. The program's activities are developed in Salto and Bofete (center of visitation located in Fazenda Santa Terezinha) in the state of São Paulo.

In Salto, participants are received in the Parque de Lavras for playful and educational activities, through the Ecological Trail of the park, where topics such as urban arborization and its benefits to society and the care that must be taken with this type of afforestation are approached, and with recovery planting that is done in degraded areas. Another point emphasized is about Rio Tietê (Tietê River) where its historical value is aborted, and the importance of its recovery and preservation.

The program takes place in partnership with the mayors of the cities covered by the program - Bofete, Anhembi, Avaré and Salto, serving mainly students of public network education schools.  Consequently, the program receives students from technical courses and universities, employees, and organized groups with conservationist purposes, such as scouts and NGOs.

In addition to the objectives of the development, dissemination of concepts about the preservation of the environment and the importance of correct management of the forests, the program contributes to the formation of educators so that they can work on environmental issues inside and outside of the school environment.

In the Casa da Natureza, the people are received with playful and educational activities, this environment was prepared to provide the visitor an overview of the ecosystems of the region, its geographic location, fauna and flora that compose them, information about the importance of the eucalyptus as raw material for various forest-based products and on the contribution in the generation of employment and income for the surrounding communities The visitor also has the opportunity to learn about the Nursery of Eucatex Seedling Production.

Also included are activities in interpretive trails - that pass through stretches of planted forests, where the forest management system adopted by the company is presented - and in stretches of rich natural reserves in springs of wellsprings and biodiversity.

Training for Communities

Eucatex Florestal deploys new social program

Training in Health and Safety begins with rural communities of Capão Bonito

Residents of the Brás and Taquaral Abaixo communities, rural neighborhoods of the municipality of Capão Bonito, received the training course on Health and Safety, Fire Fighting and First Aid, conducted by Eucatex Florestal.

Located in the surroundings of the Fazenda Vitória, owned by Eucatex, these communities were benefited by the commitment of Eucatex Florestal in promoting social growth, keeping the focus on sustainability, by means of social integration between company and community.

The objective of the course, in addition to providing training in areas of extreme importance for those who reside in places far removed from the urban zone, is also ensuring that vocational training aiming at the improvement of local conditions and opening opportunities for employment, even in Eucatex itself.

Administered by Treinare HR, with 8 hours of duration and without cost to the participants, the course included the presence of 24 communities that received certificates of participation and didactic material.  Specific issues for residents of the rural area, such as the prevention of domestic accidents, emergency care, poisonous animals, dengue and yellow fever, as well as fighting fires were addressed.

The participants expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity offered by Eucatex and reported how the knowledge acquired can assist them on a day to day basis and in emergency cases, since they live in rural areas and are far from hospitals and care units.

In order that they can better understand the forest management system adopted by Eucatex, participants received copies of the Public Summary prepared by the company. 

Relationship with the community

The communities in the vicinity of the Eucatex farms receive the visit of specialists of the Company, with the objective of dialoging about possible impacts of forest operations and perform socioeconomic diagnostics, with the objective of planning actions to contribute to the local quality of life and well-being.


The objective of this program is to generate income for families in the regions of forestry unit coverage, through the availability of pasture for beekeepers to produce honey, exploring the flowering of eucalyptus in the Company's forests.

Paint and donation of inks in school

Eucatex joined the directors, teachers and parents of students of EMEIF Prof.  Nicholas EMEIF Moraes Barros, one of the most respected schools of Santo André/SP, for the revitalization of the entire wall and floor of the institution. For the action, which hwas held on May 30, 2015, several products from Eucatex's Tintas Eucatex portfolio were donated and used for both the floor covering and for the performance, by the children, of the artistic painting on the entire wall, which received designs with chosen themes together with the School Board. 

Watch the video of the transformation of the façade of the school.

Collection and donation of food

In Eucatex, employees are constantly encouraged in the practice of social responsibility.  Thanks to this initiative, every three months, the Eucatex employees themselves develop actions of food collection, diapers or items that are in necessity of the entity in question.  In addition to the internal campaigns, Eucatex also conducts monthly donations of non-perishable food to two large entities.  To carry out these actions, initially all entities were approved by the company and an open channel was created between these NGOs and Eucatex.

Soccer solidarity

A healthy practice in all senses.  In Futebol Solidário (Soccer Solidarity), the employees use the premises of the company's guild to carry out an internal soccer championship. In addition to encouraging the practice of physical activity, the action also has the objective of collecting milk for the entities of the city.  In the last championship, the collection was of approximately 400 liters of milk.

This House has our colors

To promote respect for the community and its brand, Eucatex chooses one entity per year to perform the maintenance of its building painting. In this action, the entire workforce is on behalf of the employees of the company and their families.

Children’s Day

Every year on October 12, approximately 500 children from five entities are presented with a "bag of candy."

Christmas Patronage

In this action, each Eucatex employee "sponsors" a child of the partner entities.  Thus, the employee becomes responsible for buying a Christmas present for this child.  Every year, the company's employees participate in the Apae de Salto end of year party.

Quality of Life

In search of constant improvement in the quality of life, Eucatex conducts campaigns and events for consciousness-raising of employees related to important matters, such as cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and obesity.  In addition to the awareness, employees perform annual examinations and receive professional guidance. In addition, Eucatex also carries out vaccination campaigns to prevent diseases such as influenza, tetanus and hepatitis, as well as lectures through SIPAT about STD's (HIV, HPV, Hepatitis C) and chemical dependence.

Labor Gymnastics Program

With the purpose of preventing musculoskeletal diseases, Eucatex maintains the practice of labor gymnastics performed collectively during the work day.  In addition, the company also offers postural clinical care, carried out within Eucatex itself, in which employees are guided by an expert on the need to perform physical exercises/posture.

Generation of jobs

The Eucatex forestry unit generates approximately one thousand jobs, providing social and economic development for the communities where they are inserted.  It also stimulates the local economy with indirect generation of jobs in the hotel and services sector, among others.

Contract management

The purpose of this control is the rationalization of labor liabilities, the control of rotation and the control of the tax situation of Service Providing Companies, aiming to ensure compliance with the rights of the employees.

Investment in Human Resources

Annually, Eucatex plans trainings that aim to ensure the constant improvement of performance and motivation of its human resources, as well as ensure the potential development for the processes of succession at various levels.

The trainings offered are:

Fire protection

With the objective of preventing fires that occur at the time of drought, Eucatex promotes a series of important actions that are fundamental to the quality of life of neighboring communities to our forests.  Among them are the construction of firebreaks, consciousness raising and sensitization of employees and the local community, the detection and location of fires outbreaks by means of patrols, in addition to a 0800 line always available for the communication of possible fire outbreaks.