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The colors and patterns on this site are only for reference, there may be divergence between the colors on the screen and the real colors of products. Availability on request.

The wall partition panels are easy to install and maintain and may be adapted to any project.

Composed of panels, doors, studs, tracks and other metal parts for fastening, the Divilux system allows for myriad of combinations which adapt perfectly to the requirement of each project. Moreover, it allows for several types of modulations– in the shape of X, L or T, with the wireway and placing of panels in several situations.

The panels and doors are supplied with the MSO core ("honey comb shaped core"), capable of absorbing impacts and distributing them at the various points which form the honeycomb.structure.

Steel Framework Colors

Snow White, Dark Silver, Sand, Pearl Sand, Western Gray, Gray and Black


  • Greater durability;
  • Greater rigidity and elasticity;
  • Easy and quick to install;
  • Variety of combinations with differentiated patterns of the panels and frames.


  • 35 x 1,202 x 2,110 mm.

  • 35 x 820 x 2,110 mm.


  The panels and doors of the Divilux partition system can be finished  with:

Formidur LPL Plus
Eucalyptus hardboard with melamine thermal-fused in short cycle low pressure press which gives the product excellent resistance to abrasion and impacts and scratches.

Eucaplac UV
Eucalyptus hardboard coated with water-based paint, and cured with ultraviolet beams which adds resistance to beauty.


  So that the project can adapt to the standard modulations used in modern commercial buildings, the Divilux System has two types of assembly:
  . 1,205 mm, with NTR upper track ;
1,224 mm, with N1AFA uprights – Double Studs.


  • The panels and doors are packaged individually in plastic and the frames in kraft paper;
  • The fastening parts are supplied in cardboard boxes.

The Divilux System partitions (frames and panels) should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth or one slightly moistened in clean water with a neutral soap solution. It is not advisable to use brushes, steel wool and abrasive agents.

The panels and doors must be stored in a dry, ventilated place, protected from the sun and rain, on a flat, level platform, horizontally.